The Daily Show's Trevor Noah Espouses Anti-Semitism While Discussing Jared Kushner

One of the most detrimental anti-Semitic texts in history is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Its main concern is that Jews are puppeteers pulling at the strings of government and media, and doing so from the shadows. Trevor Noah echoed those sentiments with this anti-Semitic clip from last night’s “The Daily Show.” He said Jared Kushner, an orthodox Jew, was the real president, pulling at the strings of his father-in-law, Donald Trump. He basically told his viewers to hate this Jewish man “controlling” their government, hidden from public scrutiny.

Noah even said, “If anyone could drive ISIS crazy, it’s a New York landlord.” There’s an episode of the liberal TV show “The West Wing” in which they discuss how oftentimes highlighting someone’s New York status is also a cryptic anti-Jewish comment. In the episode, a conservative woman says something to the White House staff about having a “New York sense of humor.” One of the staffers stumbles out an explanation that he’s not from the Empire State but is actually from Connecticut, when his colleague cuts in and says, “She meant Jewish when she said New York sense of humor.” So to emphasize that Kushner is a New York landlord is also to say he’s a wealthy Jewish person. Again Noah repeats a common stereotype that Jews are rich but tight with money.

As a Jewish person, who hasn’t even been a big defender of the Trump administration, I demand an apology from Trevor Noah. Just because he’s liberal doesn’t mean he should be able to espouse bigotry on his television program.

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