Sen. Feinstein in 2006: You Can't Filibuster a SCOTUS Nominee Because You Disagree With Them

Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) told CBS News in 2006 that the Senate shouldn’t filibuster a Supreme Court nominee simply because they disagreed with him/her. Now she seems to have changed her tune. What the Democrats are doing really sets a horrible precedent. Even liberal media outlets are saying that SCOTUS nominees haven’t had to meet the 60-vote threshold before, and to actually filibuster Gorsuch will mean that this decision will now forever be made on party lines. The legislative branch has this check on the judicial branch, not to see whether they agree with a candidate’s every viewpoint, but to determine whether they trust his/her character and ability to uphold the Constitution. Once again, the Democrats have turned our sacred institutions into a joke.

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