An Off-Duty L.A. Cop Pulled a Gun and Fired in an Altercation With a 13-Year-Old

Warning: This video contains adult language.

A Los Angeles police officer who lives in Anaheim, CA, was tired of juveniles hanging out on the lawn of his property. He confronted them, and wound up in an altercation with a 13-year-old. The kid threatened to shoot him, and so the off-duty cop attempted to hold him until the local police showed up. But, when the kid’s friends came to his defense, the officer became surrounded and overwhelmed and he actually unholstered his weapon and shot his firearm. He did not aim the gun at any of the youths, but the event still seems completely out of line. The Anaheim and L.A. Police Departments are saying they will run a thorough investigation into the matter, and the officer has been placed on temporary leave.