74-Game Jeopardy Champ Ken Jennings Now Writes Children's Books

The best “Jeopardy” champion of them all, Ken Jennings, chatted with the game show’s Facebook page about what he’s doing now. He has become an author of children’s books and several other genres, he’s still playing in advanced trivia competitions, and he’s enjoying his winnings. He said, “I’m really glad I got to embrace that trivia nerd part of myself.” As a trivia host and nerd myself, I salute Jennings and wish him well!

J! Effect: Ken Jennings

Wondering what Ken Jennings is up to? We caught up with the 74-game champion to find out what he's doing now, plus he shared more ways Jeopardy! changed his life. Watch the video, then read more here: #JEffect

Posted by Jeopardy! on Wednesday, November 30, 2016