Glenn Beck to the Left: 'I Understand Your Fear'

Glenn Beck is urging every American to be a better person. He asks us not to fall into fear or divisiveness, and not to punish or minimize. He says he’s learned firsthand what happens when one half of the country makes a villain out of the other. He says he will continue to stand up for civil rights and the Constitution, and that this won’t end with a Trump presidency. I’m not always a fan of Beck’s, but I think he’s very much on the right track with this video. Now is a time to reunite, not to divide, and now is a time for those of us on the right to proclaim that we will stand up for liberty no matter what party the president belongs to.

This was my Facebook status last night:

As a person who’s always considered myself a Libertarian-Republican, I want everyone to know that I will not let a Trump win sway me from fighting for everyone in this country. To women, LGBT folks, non-radicalized Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants, minorities, liberals, and so many others– I (and a lot of right-wing people I know) still will be fighting for you. We may not always agree on the way to do that, but I will fight just as hard to maintain everyone’s civil rights, even if the President won’t.

I know I’m setting myself up for comments on whether Trump will or will not stand up for people’s rights, or whether I’m a true Constitutionalist. But please remember that we are all Americans, and we are all trying to do good. And heed Beck’s words, and let’s all be kind to one another.

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