CNN Commenter: To Save Obamacare, Let's Fine Young People More $$$

Premiums are skyrocketing, and the Obamacare system is failing. So rather than admit a flawed system, these CNN commenters are trying to think of a vindictive way to “fix” it. Saying that young people think of themselves as “invincibles,” the media contributor says we should raise the fines on millennials who don’t choose to buy insurance. Because when President Obama’s titular program is at risk, the mainstream media will stop at nothing to save it, even suggesting charging the same people who they claim to fight for (minimum wage increases, labor unionization, free education…) more out of pocket. Seriously, CNN?!?

This CNN reporter has a solution to fix Obamacare: Punish young people. FULL STORY:

Posted by Washington Examiner on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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