Tired of Hillary and Donald? You Have Options!

As you watch tonight’s presidential debate, remember that you have more options than just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You even have other options besides the major third-party candidates. Here are some fringe president wannabes, ranked from most normal (relatively) to craziest:

6) Robert Macleod, Jr.:

“We’re here to set America back right…”

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5) David Sponheim:

“I’d rather keep my name private, for fear that someone might attack me on the internet.”

4) Samm Tittle:

“I’m fighting for these little girls right here, who are being made in the State of Tennessee to get on their knees and pray to an Allah.”

3) Harley Brown:

“I’m about as politically correct as your proverbial turd in a punch bowl.”

2) Joe Exotic:

“I am broke as sh*t. I have a judgement against me from some b*tch down there in Florida.”

1) Tami Stainfield:

“I have foreigners speaking out of my brain…”

Honorable Mention — Vermin Supreme:

He was only running during the primaries, so here’s our honorable mention candidate–