Gary Johnson: 'I'm Having an Aleppo Moment'

On the Hardball town hall yesterday with Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (the Libertarian presidential candidates), Johnson was asked who his favorite foreign leader is and said he was having another “Aleppo moment.” He was referring to his gaffe when he couldn’t determine what Aleppo (the Syrian city) was during a TV interview. Ok, so Gary Johnson isn’t polished and crisp like the other candidates in this race… oh wait… the other candidates have gaffes aplenty.

Personally, I am tired of the media only focusing on the third-party candidates’ flaws. They are asked more meaningful policy questions per interview than either of the major party candidates, and yet all that’s ever talked about is when they screw up. I hope you’ll take a look at the whole town hall, in which Johnson and Weld get rounds of thunderous applause from the millennial voters in the audience, stand up for the free market, say that Hillary Clinton is trigger-happy, and suggest limiting government regulations and ending our nation’s onerous tax laws.

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Here’s the clip with Johnson’s gaffe:
The full town hall: