Happy Constitution Day!

Hillsdale College’s President, Larry Arnn, explains why we should celebrate the US Constitution today. He discusses the need for government to exist, because we are less than perfect, but also the need to restrain government, because it too is less than perfect. He tells us why the US Constitution in particular is the best there is, and how great our Framers were to have developed it. As an alumnus of Hillsdale, I can tell you that the importance of our founding principles is examined and discussed (and celebrated); and in a world of safe-spaces and trigger warnings, real learning like the kind done at Hillsdale College is vital. So happy Constitution Day! Remember your rights, freedoms, and protections today.

What Problem Does the Constitution Solve?

September 16. Constitution Day. Why do we celebrate it? Dr. Arnn, from Hillsdale College, tells you why in just 2 minutes.

Posted by Hillsdale College on Monday, September 12, 2016