Times Square 'Free Hugs' Guy Punches Young Woman

I live in Hollywood, right near the famous Hollywood and Highland complex. If you walk by on any given day, you’ll see several costumed (and some scantily clad) characters trying to get tourists to take their pictures with them for money. They are legally allowed to ask for tips, but not legally allowed to demand payment for their pictures. Times Square in New York City is very similar– they have a lot of characters and local celebrities who will pose with you for tips. This week, believe it or not, a guy with a sign that reads “Free hugs” was upset when someone didn’t tip him for the free activity, and so he punched her in the face. This hideous event occurred right as the city council is debating regulating the Times Square characters and performers into designated “zones.” Is this an example of one bad egg ruining it for everybody, or do you think New York and Los Angeles should be better regulating the street characters? Leave your comments below.