Kesha Performs Duet With Ben Folds After All!

I was at this concert last night, and what a powerful message! You may not remember it, but in February, Kesha tried to get out of her contract with music producer Dr. Luke, who she alleges raped her. The court denied her request, leaving her clearly shaken and crying. Dr. Luke has since essentially been holding her music career hostage– anything he doesn’t want her to perform or release, she can’t without breaking her contract. This problem reared its ugly head at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend, where Kesha was supposed to sing a duet with singer/songwriter Ben Folds, but Dr. Luke’s permission to perform was rescinded at the last minute. So their performance was cancelled. So last night, I was at Ben Folds’ concert at Los Angeles’ historic Orpheum Theater, and he recanted how she was supposed to sing a Bob Dylan song with him at the award show last weekend but she couldn’t, but then he said: “But she can sing it here!” The crowd went wild as Kesha came onto the stage to sing the duet she was supposed to sing the previous weekend. I think this a good example of an act of defiance. As a right-winger, we often portray the ideology of being anti-government and anti-“the man,” but then become teetotalers in our own lives. I think when you’re presented with an impossible choice, as Kesha has been, sometimes you just have to say “F*@k it,” and stand up for yourself.

Watch my iPhone video here:

Kesha wasn't allowed to sing at the Billboard Music Awards, because of her ongoing rape case against her producer. Ben Folds brought her on stage tonight to do the song they were supposed to do together. Powerful message!

Posted by Nathan Lichtman on Wednesday, May 18, 2016