Bernie Sanders Supporters Felt Cheated in Nevada...

What Happened At Nevada Dem Convention?

The mainstream media is being intellectually dishonest. They are only talking about how much chaos and how violent Bernie Sanders supporters were without ever mentioning WHAT happened and WHAT caused the chaos. This is what happened. Take our democracy back. Join the Revolution against the Oligarchy: Viva Bernie 2016Never Hillary Clinton, EVER. #NeverShillary

Posted by Viva Bernie 2020 on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This is a video put out by Bernie supporters — I do not endorse everything said in the clip. But this pandemonium is what happens when a political party’s establishment tries to quell the voices of the outsiders. The media would be blasting on about the Republican Party’s chaos if this was at one of our conventions, but because this occurred at a Democrat convention, it gets thrown under the rug.

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