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Muslim Comedian Jokes That Media's Portrayal of Islam Makes Him 'Want to Blow Stuff Up'

Ismael Loutfi, a Muslim comedian, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that, contrary to the media's usual portrayal, there are moderate Muslims who are willing to denounce terrorism. He said, "The point of the news system is to sensationalize everything." He has a point there. But then he joked, "Makes me so mad. I just want to blow stuff up. [...] I get so angry!"

You get it? By forcing him into a particular box or label, Loutfi thinks it funny to joke about killing people! Haha...?

Also, is there any liberal archetype that Jimmy Kimmel will not try to appeal to at this  point? He's quickly becoming more left wing than Stephen Colbert (and that's saying something).

Loutfi also stereotyped southerners and talked about how divisive President Trump is.

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