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So Much Happened While Trump Was on Vacation!

When, in early August, President Trump left for a 17-day working vacation, he probably didn't expect it to be so eventful! This Time magazine video breaks it down for us. First Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) went on CNN and accused him once again of having conspired with Russia to manipulate our 2016 election. Trump responded to the senator with an angry tweet. Then North Korea ratcheted up tensions, saying they would bomb the U.S. territory of Guam. Trump issued his now infamous "fire and fury" statement. Then neo-Nazis took to the streets in Charlottesville, and Trump alleged some moral equivalency between them and their counter-protesters. Then he had a press conference at Trump Tower go completely off the rails. And finally, Steve Bannon was fired. Trump said he would be working while on vacation, but seriously... did he get to relax at all?!?