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Monica Crowley: Trump Could Fire Mueller, Shut Down Tainted, Corrupt Russia Probe

Radio host and longtime Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said today that -- though it might be politically damaging -- President Trump is well within his rights to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Legal opinions vary, but most analysts seem to agree with Crowley that the president has the authority to do it. The question is: should he?

During an appearance on Fox Business Channel with Stuart Varney, Crowley said that the leadership at the Justice Department has become so corrupted by politics that "every political investigation that they have touched has got to be called into question."

Varney asked Crowley what the president should do, arguing Trump "can't tell Mueller 'get lost.'"

Responded Crowley:

Well, the president could fire Mueller. Now, legally he can absolutely do that. That's part of his constitutional prerogative and prerogative as president. Politically, it's a different issue -- but this is also a president who acts very unpredictably and if he says...."I'm gonna shut this down because it's been tainted, because it's been so corrupted, and because I can't get a fair shake and nobody around me can get a fair shake," I think he would have quite a fair hearing in the country for doing that.

Varney asked Crowley if she was advocating that particular action. She answered: