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Lauren Sivan Describes the Time Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Her

Several women have come forward alleging that Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood, political, and media mogul, sexually assaulted them. One of them is former Fox News host Lauren Sivan. She sat down with her former colleague, Megyn Kelly, to discuss the incident.

She describes how he (allegedly) lured her downstairs at a restaurant he owned and tried to kiss her. After she rejected his lustful approach, he blocked her exit and told her to just stand there. He then masturbated in front of her. She said, "It was disgusting, and kind of pathetic."

Weinstein, who was an integral part of the Miramax studio and later founded The Weinstein Company, has been dismissed from the movie studio he helped found. The board declared his actions and related comments to be not in keeping with their company's goals and mission.

A reminder -- this is a person who has held fundraisers for Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. This is a person whom Michelle Obama called "a wonderful human being." And this is a person who is a supposed feminist. Even after being fired, and even after having stories come forward like Sivan's, this might be why Weinstein hasn't faced the same ostracization as Bill Cosby has.

Watch the video below.