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Labor Unions Absurdly Brand Freedom Foundation ‘Fascist’ and ‘Racist’ in Protests

Protesters flock to the Freedom Foundation dinner.

At the end of last week, what seemed like a coalition of labor unions protested the Annual Dinner of the Freedom Foundation, a workers' rights organization that has become notorious for empowering workers to leave unions and stop paying dues to the Democrat-Labor machine. The protesters gathered in Portland, Ore., and Bellevue, Wash., on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

"Hey Hey, ho ho! Freedom Foundation's got to go!" protesters chanted, walking in circles around grotesque inflated figures, a rat and an angry rabid dog. Signs read "F. the F.F.," "Stop the war on workers," "We have nothing to lose but our chains," and the stock ad hominem "Fascist Racist Freedom Foundation." There was even a "No one is illegal" sign.

While the protesters did not identify with one particular union in general, one man wore a LiUNA union t-shirt, another wore a shirt representing the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and other signs suggested the NW Carpenters Union. Sources told PJ Media that the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) was also likely involved.

What does the Freedom Foundation do? What kind of activism inspired this vitriol?

According to the organization's website, the Freedom Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit based in Washington and Oregon "working to reverse the stranglehold public-sector unions have on our government." The group's vision "of a day when opportunity, responsible self-governance, and free markets flourish in America because its citizens understand and defend the principles from which freedom is derived."

"There is no path to expanded freedom, opportunity and prosperity until we make collective bargaining transparent, give government employees a choice to join an employee's union or not, and prohibit taxpayer's money from being unwillingly used to influence the political system," the website explains.

According to the foundation, big government unions spent a whopping $250 million supporting liberal politicians in 2016, even while 40 percent of union members support conservatives. (OpenSecrets reported that labor unions spent $207,145,408, with 87.8 percent going to Democrats.)

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the SEIU specifically donated $1,461,756 to congressional candidates in the 2016 cycle, all of which went to Democrats. An AFL-CIO exit poll found that 37 percent of union members (and 43 percent of union households) voted for Donald Trump, while slightly more than half (56 percent of union members, 51 percent of union households) voted for Hillary Clinton.

The Freedom Foundation launches public information campaigns to empower employees to opt out of a union if they wish.

One such campaign saved workers across the country about $10 million, taking that money back from the Left-wing machine.

"Because of the Freedom Foundation, ten thousand workers have stopped paying union dues, costing the unions — and Democratic candidates — over $10 million to date," the group declared in a YouTube video published in late July.