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Katie Hopkins -- 'Media Will Not Be Honest About' Migrant Violence in Sweden

If you are unfamiliar with Katie Hopkins you're in for a real treat. There are many political pundits who don't mind being brutally honest but few do it with the obvious glee that Hopkins exudes. Hopkins is discussing the migrant-related violence in Sweden and the media's untruthful reporting. When President Trump first got into office he mentioned the problems that Sweden was having and was roundly mocked by the mainstream media. A couple of days later, an immigrant neighborhood in Stockholm was the scene of riots. After detailing the myriad problems in Sweden at the moment, Hopkins excoriates the media for whitewashing the issues, especially when they refer to the migrants as the "new Swedes." She says, "you can't take Mohammed, stick a blond wig on him," then "turn him into a Swede." And a lot more.