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Judge Napolitano Urges Trump to Find Leakers and Fire Them

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News judicial analyst, issued a warning for President Trump after retired General Michael Flynn "took one for the team" earlier this week and stepped down.

Napolitano pointed out that the phone calls Flynn made to the Russian ambassador are not a "big deal," but the fact that they were leaked is.

"There are obviously elements in the United States government, in the intelligence community, that want to frustrate Donald Trump," Judge Nap said. "They want to frustrate his presidency because he is a threat to their power center."  The judge explained that "the way they struck back was to rid him of a very valuable weapon called General Flynn."

"This should be a warning to the president," Napolitano cautioned. "There are elements in the government -- the executive branch of the government that works for you, Mr. President --  that you need to get rid of."