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Joy Behar Jokes That Trump, Putin, and Priebus Are All Gay for Each Other

Joy Behar, of The View, joked that President Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Reince Priebus are all in a gay love triangle. She asked about Priebus, "How much self-tanner does he have on his lips?" Behar joins the list of liberal commentators and comedians who have made gay jokes about Trump (Stephen Colbert are Chris Matthews are on the list), and she probably won't be the last. But why are these jokes funny? Are they funny because they show distaste for Trump and all of his friends, or are they funny because they're gay jokes? Would the humor be funny if Putin and Priebus were women? So, in an effort to tease Trump, all these liberal media personalities have actually espoused homophobia. But we're sure corporate sponsors will keep funding The View just the same...