Joe Biden Says Trump Won't Be 'Able' to 'Undo Everything Obama Has Done'

On Tuesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden said President Donald Trump is trying hard to reverse Barack Obama's legacy, but he won't be able to do so.

"All he seems to be doing is undo everything that President Obama has done," Biden told CNN's Chris Cuomo, speaking of Trump. "But he's not able to do that, by the way."

Biden listed different areas where Trump has fallen short. "He's damaged health care, but it's not gone. He has gone after the Paris Accords, but you see mayors and governors and local leaders getting together and making sure it doesn't have the effect that he intended it to be," the former vice president explained.

"You find ourselves in a situation where the education system is getting better and better even though now there's a full-blown attack by the secretary of Education on the things we put in place," Biden added.

"He can't undo it all. He's hurting it. He's slowing the process," the former vice president concluded. "But most of all, we're missing an enormous opportunity โ€” an enormous opportunity to change the life for middle class people."

Biden spoke with Cuomo about his potential presidential ambitions for 2020, and Cuomo suggested that Biden's new book, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose, revealed that the former vice president needs to run in two years. Biden would not rule out a candidacy.

The former vice president attempted to take the high road in his attacks on Trump.

"Look, when the president first got elected, I got heavily criticized for saying I hope he succeeds because America succeeds when the president succeeds," Biden explained. He highlighted two trends that concerned him: a "naked nationalism" that leads America to "abdicate our responsibility around the world," and a "phony populism" that says "the only reason you have a problem is because of the other" โ€” immigrants or minorities.

"So this president has spent his entire time since heโ€™s gotten in office trying to divide the country instead of unite the country," Biden charged. "As I said, I am more optimistic about the chances for America in the 21st century than I have been in my whole career." One area he seemed less than optimistic about is President Donald Trump.

For all his talk about uniting the country, Biden's remarks about Trump's policies were just as divisive as Trump's policies. Biden equated the Affordable Care Act (better known as "Obamacare") with "health care," suggesting Trump's assaults on Obama's policy constituted an assault on America's health. He did the same thing with education โ€” attacking Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for putting Obama policies under "a full-blown attack."