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Jake Tapper Provides Another Textbook Example of What's Wrong With American 'Journalism'

It was quite a pleasant surprise to find out via today's Hot Mic live blog that my friend and colleague Vodkapundit isn't much of a Jake Tapper fan either. A lot of self-professed conservatives on social media insist that Tapper is the best of the biased MSM bunch.

He really isn't. Most of them like him because Tapper will interact with them. It's sad.

He's a hack's hack and this clip epitomizes that. His guest is John Kasich, who is always a safe bet to be the Republican who slobbers all over Democrat talking points. Here he gives a rebuke of Trump's alleged remark that should satisfy any left-leaning cable talking head, especially since he worked it into a pro-Dreamers spiel. Rather than getting a pat on the head and a treat for being a good boy, Kasich is taken to task because he didn't go far enough and say precisely what Tapper wanted him to say. The entire Democrat media machine is built upon the mindless repetition of talking points and key words that are central to those points. Kasich didn't call Trump a "racist" -- the CNN key word for this story since last night -- so Tapper is duty bound by the Biased Hack Code to press him on that. He goes through a litany of things that CNN has been failing to make the general public care about for over a year, then asks the governor, "I understand your reluctance to label him a racist, but what would it take for you to call someone’s words or actions racist?"

Who's a good boy?