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Irate Pro-Choice Staffer Yells, Kicks Pro-Life Students Out of Art Gallery

Pro-life students from California State University, Sacramento claim they were booted from an art gallery on Saturday when a staffer saw their pro-life signs from the Walk for Life earlier that day. An angry staffer chased after the students as they left, yelling at them and making lewd gestures.

Students caught the tail end of the altercation on video.

"Just an FYI, we’re getting kicked out because we’re pro-life," an unidentified female student says in the video, as the students left the gallery.

"Yeah, right, sure, yeah," an angry staffer says, chasing the students. "I am pro-life. I am pro-choice. You are pro-death!"

As the students walk out the door, the female student says, "Okay, God bless you. Have a good one, ma'am!"

One staffer closes the door, and the irate staffer glares through the window, making an obscene gesture. Her co-worker attempts to restrain her, but she breaks through and chases after the students.

"You don't care! You don't care about them unless they're a fetus!" the irate woman yells, wagging her finger at the students. As the students flee the scene, she switches gears saying, "I love you, too."

The students told NBC Bay Area they entered the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery around 9:15 p.m. Then a woman working at the gallery asked if they were part of the pro-life march and they said yes. She told them to leave.

The gallery's owner, David Schach, apologized to the students. "We respect your rights, we respect your views, and I apologize," he said.

Even so, Schach told NBC Bay Area that the students were not asked to leave due to their political views. "We were just trying to close the doors," he said. "It was late in the evening around 9:15-9:30. I’m sorry this happened to you. We were not trying to force you to leave or be mean to you."

According to Facebook and Google, however, the gallery is open until 10 p.m. West Coast time.

Student Carmen Perez told Students for Life that the group got kicked out of the gallery when a staffer glimpsed a student's "I Am the Pro-Life Generation" sign.

The pro-abortion employee, seen on the video, began berating her and then went to the back of the gallery, approaching other students to ask if they also were anti-abortion, which the students said, lead to a tirade from the employee about how she had gone to Planned Parenthood herself, before kicking all of them out of the gallery — those with signs and those without who acknowledged their pro-life views.

The students released a statement acknowledging the owner's apology but insisting the employees had discriminated against them.