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Howard Dean: Devin Nunes 'Belongs in Jail'

President Trump recently praised House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes as a “Great American Hero” for the work he's done to expose deep state corruption, but former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential screamer Howard Dean begs to differ.

Dean on Sunday told MSNBC host Alex Witt that he suspects Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) “belongs in jail," arguing that Nunes doesn't put the country first like former President Obama did.

The comment came after Dean had skillfully *cough* deflected away from a semi-tough question from Witt.

"Do you agree, Howard, with the House Intel Committee ranking member, Adam Schiff, that the Obama administration should have done more about Russia's meddling?" Witt asked.

Dean struggled to answer the question without faulting the former president.

"Uhh -- well -- in retrospect, of course," Dean began hesitantly. "He wanted to be bipartisan. [??] I told him a very long time ago before he ever started his term that he was wasting bipartisanship on the Republicans. They don't give a damn about the country -- they only care about their own power," the former DNC chair declared, projecting of course, and not explaining how ignoring Russian meddling was "bipartisan."

"Didn't he also say he didn't want to look like he was meddling?" Witt pressed, referring to Obama.

"Sure," Dean answered. "But that's the choice he made. It's easy in retrospect to criticize somebody and say he made the wrong choice. Look, I had plenty of disagreements with Obama but Obama always put the country first," Dean continued, incredibly. "That is something that McConnell does not do and certainly people like Devin Nunes who I suspect belongs in jail has not done."