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[WATCH] LeBron Smokes Lonzo Ball after Dunk Request from Sick Child at Hospital

On Wednesday some Cleveland Cavaliers players, including LeBron James, visited a hospital to wish the children a Merry Christmas. One little boy named Andrew had a special request for LeBron. "Can you dunk on Lonzo for me?" he asked.

The boy was, of course, talking about rookie Lakers player Lonzo Ball.

"I got you. I got you," LeBron responded, high-fiving the boy. "He might not be in my way — once he sees I'm about to take off, he might move out the way."

Got that right.

LeBron and Lonzo met for the first time on the court when the Cavs played the Lakers at home on Thursday. A few minutes before halftime LeBron grabbed a pass and barreled to the basket. There was nothing Lonzo could do but get out of the way. If you ask me, the Lakers rookie looked a little shaken up:

Ok, here's the actual moment: