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Here's How Taking a Selfie Could Cost You $200k

While attending a Simon Birch gallery show at The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, a woman decided to take a selfie with some of the artwork. She misstepped and caused $200k worth of damage to the art. Remember kids, be careful where you Instagram... Oy gevalt!!!

According to LAist--

"There has been speculation whether this really happened or is a PR stunt. The truth is, the event did happen and it was caught on our security camera," 14th Factory spokesperson Jocelyn Ingram told LAist in an email. "Now that it got online, we would rather direct the sudden attention away from the unfortunate event and to the art in The 14th Factory space and the artists behind them. Each sculpture that had fallen involves 20-30 hours of man labor - including the artist’s conception, 3D designers’ modeling, and metal welders and workers’ crafting and assembly. It would be pretty irrational for the artists behind these sculptures to intentionally inflict harm on their own work hoping to gain any benefit."

According to Ingram, three sculptures were permanently damaged and others were damaged to varying degrees. The approximate cost of damage is $200,000.