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Is Former Attorney General Eric Holder Still a Threat to Conservatives?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder attacked President Trump a few nights ago for claiming that his former boss, President Obama,  hadn't called the families of fallen servicemembers. He called that a "damn lie." But Fox News and Katie Pavlich think there's more to Holder's reemergence.

Pavlich alleged that, when Holder says he's now part of the Trump Resistance movement, he is doing more than "pumping his fists at these rallies." She said he's working with liberals to craft their ideal congressional districts, favoring gerrymandering, and is working against voter I.D. laws. She says these efforts "will actually have an effect." So, the head of the Justice Department that allowed the IRS to target conservative groups may still pose a threat to right-wingers now?!?

Pavlich did however discuss the idea that having Holder as a spokesperson for their resistance movement could backfire. She said that he only had a 15% approval rating when he left office, and reminded viewers that he was held in contempt of Congress. Why would they have someone so "unpopular" in their ranks?