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Elbert Guillory's Message on White Privilege Will Make Liberal Heads Explode

Former Republican Louisiana state Senator Elbert Lee Guillory has a special message about "white privilege" that is sure to make leftist heads explode.

"Every one of us recognizes wealth privilege," said Guillory in a video he posted on YouTube. "It is a privilege to be wealthy anywhere on planet earth -- no matter who you are or where you are. But wealth privilege is not white privilege."

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. We have let a few black and white people who want to divide us -- who want to draw us apart -- we've let them place the burden of slavery on every white person from the North, the South, the East, the West, male or female, old or young -- people whose families have never owned slaves -- never had anything to do with slavery. We have placed that yoke of slavery -- that burden of slavery upon all of them. So much so that now just plain hardworking Americans feel a need to sometimes defend their whiteness.

This is America -- free and filled with opportunity. That opportunity is available for each and every one of us.

Try it -- American privilege!