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Dem. Senator Cries 'White Supremacy' When Asked About Harassment of GOP Senators

On Sunday, CNN's Dana Bash asked Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) whether or not it is acceptable to harass Republican officials in restaurants or in their own homes. Hirono defended the sentiment behind such harassment, and, when pressed about it, cried "white supremacy!" to avoid condemning rabid protesters.

"Republicans, what they are saying, is that Democratic protesters are 'an angry mob,'" Bash began. At these words, Hirono audibly chuckled — suggesting her sympathy for the mob and her dismissal of concerns involving political harassment and violence.

"What I want to ask you about, it is one thing to protest at the Supreme Court, to do it at the Capitol," Bash continued. "That's been done for generations and frankly since the founding of this country. It's another thing to run senators out of restaurants, go to their homes. Is that going too far?"

All Mazie Hirono needed to say is, "Yes." She could have expressed sympathy for the anger of the mob without endorsing political harassment and violence. Instead, she dodged the question, defending what has in fact become a mob.

"I think that it just means that there are a lot of people who are very, very much motivated about what is going on," the senator said. "Because what happened with Judge Kavanaugh is, from the very beginning, this is not a fair process. What the Republicans did was to telegraph — after Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford's account came forward, what they telegraphed was: one, Dr. Ford, we don't want to hear from you; two, if we have to hear from you, we're gonna rig the hearing..."

At this point, Bash cut Hirono off, because she wanted an answer to the original question. "Should they be going after people at restaurants?"

That's when Hirono cried "white supremacy!" just as many would cry "wolf!"

"Well, this is what happens, because when you look at white supremacists and all that, this is what's coming forth in our country, there's a tremendous divisiveness in our country," Hirono said. "But this is the kind of activism that occurs and people make their own decisions. If they violate the law, then they have to account for that."

In other words, Hirono "telegraphed" that it is acceptable for protesters to harass Republican officials in restaurants or even in their own homes, because the real outrage is how Republicans handled the Kavanaugh confirmation, and the other real outrage is the existence of white supremacy.

White nationalists, the alt-right, "Unite the Right," and other groups that evoke the specter of white supremacy are indeed horrific, and Republicans condemn them. Hirono resorted to crying white supremacy because she had no other argument. White supremacists are — mercifully — a very small group with an extremely limited impact on politics.