Watch the Video YouTube Doesn't Want You to See: 'Trump, Russia, Possible Collusion (REMIX)'

In July of 2017, Placeboing, a YouTube channel that specializes in making political video remixes, posted a nifty little video mashup poking fun at the mainstream media’s Trump/collusion obsession. It’s titled “Trump, Russia, Possible Collusion (REMIX)”:

It’s funny because the video was made only a couple of months into the Mueller investigation, and the mainstream media — the people we’re supposed to trust to give us the straight scoop — was already 100 percent sure there was collusion between President Trump and Russia.

You want to know what else is funny about the video? Not FUNNY funny, but STRANGE funny? Try typing the words “Trump, Russia, Possible Collusion (REMIX)” in the YouTube search box and see what happens.

Neither this video nor any of its copies appear on the first page. YouTube seems to have censored the video.

You can still access the video through a direct link (my daughter first saw it on Facebook) or through a Google search.

The owner of the Placeboing YouTube channel told PJ Media that many commenters have pointed out that YouTube has made the video very hard to find.

“It shows up, just really far down the list of videos (even with the exact title typed in),” he said. He told PJ Media that the same thing happened to another remix he’d made called “Gay Frogs,” but “that one got popular enough that it seems to have eventually moved up the list.”

He added: “The likely response for this would be that this video was deemed to be part of a news topic with potential for ‘fake news.’ Google gives hot news topics preference to official news shows in search (CNN, FOX, etc., even comedy shows like James Corden), likely because pressure was put on them to stop ‘fake news’ from spreading too much on their platform.”

He also noted that “if you search ‘trump russia possible collusion remix’, you will see that primarily official network shows show up first,” which is very true.

One of the funny ironies is that among the videos that appear on the first page are liberal video compilations ridiculing President Trump for denying collusion.

PJ Media reached out to YouTube for an explanation and will update this post if they reply.