Tucker Carlson: 'We Will Never Bow to the Mob—Ever'

In the latest media-manufactured fauxtroversy, Soros-backed Media Matters unearthed “shocking” clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson making some off-color remarks and jokes from 2006 and 2011 on a shock-jock radio program called “Bubba the Love Sponge.”

In two appearances, Carlson jokingly downplayed the crimes of cult leader – and convicted child sex offender – Warren Jeffs. In other clips, he calls women “extremely primitive,” says he feels “sorry for unattractive women,” uses the c-word to describe a woman, calls one woman a “pig” and refers to two other women as “whores.”

Now we’re all supposed to be horrified and Carlson is supposed to hang his head in shame and beg for forgiveness for his awful, terrible speech crimes.

But even as the media outrage mob was ramping up Monday morning, Carlson tweeted this:

No apology appears to be forthcoming. Good. 

Now the left has planned a protest outside of Fox News headquarters Wednesday morning.

In his opening monologue Monday night, the Fox News host questioned the sincerity of the outraged misfits criticizing him.

“Maybe their moral puffery is a costume,” Carlson speculated. “Maybe the whole conversation is an absurd joke. Maybe we’re falling for it.”

“You sometimes hear modern progressives described as ‘new Puritans,'” Carlson continued. “That’s a slur on colonial Americans. Whatever their flaws, the Puritans cared about the fate of the human soul and the moral regeneration of their society. Those are not topics that interest progressives. They’re too busy pushing late-term abortion and cross-dressing on fifth graders. These are the people who write our movies and our sitcoms. They’re not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be when it’s useful.”

Carlson explained what he thinks the left is really up to.

“The left’s main goal — in case you haven’t noticed —  is controlling what you think. In order to do that, they have to control the information that you receive. Google and Facebook and Twitter are fully on board with that. They’re happy to ban unapproved thoughts and they don’t apologize for it,” he pointed out.

Carlson claimed that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has been under attack by forces on the left since it began, and now that it’s out in the open, he signaled that he would soon be going on the offensive. “Going forward, we will be covering their efforts to make us be quiet,” he said.

Tucker ended the segment with two thoughts for his audience: “Fox News is behind us” and “we will never bow to the mob. Ever. No matter what.”