Naming Names, Tucker Carlson Blasts Media Personalities Who Smeared Covington Students

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took the elite media to task on his show Monday evening, calling them “bigots” who ignore facts when they don’t conform with what they think they know.

“Checking facts and adding context is what journalists are paid to do,” Carlson said. “And yet amazingly, almost nobody in the American media did that — and that’s a shame because there was a lot to check.”

Carlson highlighted all of the politicos and celebrities who smeared, threatened, and doxxed the kids on Twitter while Twitter support sat back and watched.

And he reserved special scorn for Bill Kristol, who quietly deleted his virtue-signaling tweet when the facts came to light:

Bill Kristol asked his Twitter followers to consider, quote, “the contrast between the calm dignity and quiet strength of Mr. Phillips and the behavior of MAGA brats who have absorbed the spirit of Trumpism.” And then, when the actual facts emerged, Kristol quietly deleted his tweet. He never apologized of course. He hasn’t apologized for the Iraq war either. There’s no need, people keep giving him money.

President Trump, who evidently saw Carlson’s monologue, had some encouraging words for the Covington Catholic High School students:

Many Twitter users are urging the president to invite the pro-life high schoolers to the White House. Which, knowing Trump, is a distinct possibility.