Chief Patrol Agent Schools CNN Host About Tear-Gassed ‘Asylum Seekers’

The chief patrol agent of the San Diego Sector Border Control completely shut down CNN’s attempt to characterize the rock-throwing migrants who tried to storm the border on Sunday as peaceful asylum seekers who were unjustly tear-gassed.

“Explain the decision to use the tear gas, because that is one question I think people have this morning,” the host asked Chief Agent Rodney Scott.

“I kind of challenge that this was a peaceful protest or that the majority of these people are claiming asylum,” Scott replied, pointing out that at least three agents were “struck by rocks,” but their tactical gear protected them.

“The group immediately started throwing rocks and debris at our agents, taunting the agents,” he said. “Once our agents were assaulted and the numbers started growing — we had two or three agents at a time initially facing hundreds of people at a time — they deployed tear gas to protect themselves and to protect the border.”

Scott said federal agents have already arrested 42 of the migrants for various offenses. 

“Those are people coming to the border as far, as you know, for asylum, isn’t it?” the host pressed.

“What I saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to Border Patrol agents and asking to claim asylum,” Scott said, adding that one of the groups passed “10 or 15 marked Border Patrol units… walking west to east, numerous uniformed personnel as they were chanting, waving a Honduran flag, and throwing rocks at the agents.”

“If they were truly asylum seekers they would’ve just walked up with their hands up and surrendered and that did not take place,” he added.