Attorney Victoria Toensing Slams U.S. Attorney John Huber's 'Potemkin Investigation'

Attorney Victoria Toensing Slams U.S. Attorney John Huber's 'Potemkin Investigation'
U.S. Attorney John W. Huber speaks outside the federal courthouse Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr has not been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller or U.S. Attorney John Huber for interviews,  several shocked Republicans revealed following Ohr’s testimony before the joint hearing of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Tuesday.

Republicans have been examining Ohr’s role in getting British spy Christopher Steele’s now infamous dirty dossier into the hands of senior FBI officials, and apparently he was a fount of information, naming names of FBI officials who knowingly left critical and even exculpatory information off of the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions tasked Huber with reviewing Obama-era surveillance abuses and the Uranium One scandal late last year and many of President Trump’s supporters are depending on him to get to the bottom of the corruption. Some on social media are even convinced that Huber, an Obama holdover, has been quietly gathering a damning mountain of evidence that is going to blow the deep state conspiracy wide open with massive amounts of collateral damage in and out of the government — right before the election.

It’s a lovely thought, but one that Washington, D.C. attorney Victoria Toensing of diGenova & Toensing threw a bucket of cold water on Wednesday evening.

“What exactly are Mueller and Huber doing if they’re not questioning key officials in the Department of Justice?” Fox Business host Lou Dobbs asked Toensing.

The attorney replied that she wasn’t surprised about Mueller because his mandate is just to go after President Trump and the Russians, but said she was “absolutely shocked — shocked” that Huber had not spoken with Bruce Our or Nellie Ohr. Even worse, he hasn’t contacted her client Doug Campbell, the FBI whistleblower in the Uranium One case.

Toensing reminded Dobbs and his viewers that Huber’s appointment came last fall, only after repeated calls from Trump-supporting congressmen for a special counsel to investigate the surveillance abuses and Uranium One. The assistant attorney general wrote to the lawmakers, she explained, telling them that they had “senior prosecutors” on it to “evaluate” their accusations.

In March of 2018, she said, AG Jeff Sessions announced that he had appointed Huber to look into all of the issues.

“And now — nine months later — not only has [neither] Bruce Ohr [nor] Nellie Ohr been interviewed, but my client in Uranium One … has not been interviewed,” Toensing exclaimed. “Now, how can you even evaluate those two issues without talking to those three people?! It’s a sham! — it’s a Potemkin Village! It’s a Potemkin investigation! I’m appalled!” she added.

Toensing had a message for Republicans in Congress: “You’ve been snookered! Get the department to tell you why these people have not been interviewed nine months into the evaluation,” she advised.

Dobbs was flabbergasted that Republicans, who currently control all the levers of power, have been so weak and useless in the face of so much corruption.

“Republicans have never known how to kill,” Toensing explained matter-of-factly. “You’ve gotta know how to kill.”

“They don’t even know how to wound!” Dobbs shot back. “What would it take for anyone of conscience in that Department of Justice, any one of our congressmen, our senators, Republicans, to say ‘this — this special counsel is a sad, pathetic joke and it is tearing the nation to pieces and it’s got to end and NOW!’? Why is there not a single voice, other than that of the president here?” he lamented.

Toensing said it would take “new leadership,” because Jeff Sessions is a nice man, but clearly not fit for the job.

“He’s a southern gentleman. He doesn’t know how to kill at all,” she explained.

Toensing likened what is happening in the DOJ to what is currently happening in the Catholic Church. “They’re thinking they’re protecting the institution by not bringing out the evildoing,” she said.