Police Officer Trades Shots with Gang Members Through Windshield While Chasing Them at 60 MPH

One suspect was killed and a second wounded during a wild police shootout in downtown Las Vegas last week, and now the stunning police bodycam footage has gone viral.

The chase began after two gang members allegedly fled during a July 11 traffic stop conducted by cops investigating the murder of a man at a nearby a car wash, acording to Fox News.

The video shows a Las Vegas Metro Police officer, William Umana, shooting out his car’s front windshield as he chases after the suspects in a speeding SUV while also trading shots from his side window.

The suspects reportedly traded more than 60 shots with police during the deadly gun battle while driving at speeds of over 60 miles an hour.

The heroic Umana can be heard on video yelling “shots fired” multiple times as he pursues the suspects and shoots out of his window. The gangsters eventually crashed into the wall of an elementary school, and Umana continued to fire at the vehicle.

At this point, Rene Nunez, 30, got out of the car and tried to get into the school, but the door was locked, according to Las Vegas Metro Police Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly.

Fidel Miranda, 23, reportedly then started to move the SUV back toward the officer’s cruiser.

Police fired on Miranda and he later died at the scene. Nunez, who was also wounded, was arrested and is facing several felony charges, including murder, police said.

Police said the suspects fired 34 rounds at the officers and Umana fired 31 shots at the men in the SUV.

The shooting “paints a picture of the dangers these officers dealt with that day,” Kelly said.

“In my opinion, they show a level of bravery, professionalism, heroics, that we come to expect of our officers,” Kelly said. “The officer could have backed off but he didn’t, he stuck with that individual knowing what type of individual he was dealing with.”

Both Nunez and Miranda  have a lengthy criminal records, according to Fox News:

Nunez has been convicted three times and also has been arrested on robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery and grand larceny auto charges.

Miranda had previously been convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery and arrested for robbery, kidnapping, grand larceny auto, prohibited person in possession of a firearm and narcotics.