Former Trump Campaign Adviser Michael Caputo Says More than One Informant Approached Him

Former Trump Campaign Adviser Michael Caputo. appears on the Ingraham Angle. Image via Youtube.

The recently revealed FBI informant wasn’t the only mole to infiltrate the Trump campaign, and the FBI was not the only agency involved in the spying, former Trump adviser Michael Caputo charged Monday night.

Caputo made the claim on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle during an appearance with Carter Page, who was allegedly targeted for months by Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor with CIA and M16 connections.

Page, who first met Halper days after his high-profile trip to Moscow in July 2016, was loath to speak ill of the professor.

“Frankly, I’ve been falsely accused myself, and … we’ll see what happens,” he told Ingraham. Page and the academic struck a friendship that continued for the next 14 months — which happened to be the period of time he was being surveilled by the U.S. government.

Page said he didn’t remember anything odd about his friendship with Halper, other than perhaps he was “a little bit nicer than I might otherwise have expected.”  He also said the individual seemed very sympathetic about the “dodgy dossier,” which first hit the news during the campaign, and that he never felt like he was being “groomed.”

“I like to give people the benefit of the doubt,” he said.

Caputo was less inclined to give anyone the benefit of doubt, calling the Obama administration’s espionage of the Trump campaign “really sick and twisted stuff.”  He compared the Obama administration to the national security leadership of the Russian government spying on its entire citizenry.

He then claimed that he knows of at least one other spy who approached him during the campaign, and made a bold prediction.

“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact. This informant, this person that they planted, tried to plant into the campaign and even into the administration — if you believe Axios — he’s not the only person that came at the campaign,” Caputo said. “And the FBI is not the only Obama agency that came at the campaign. I know because they came at me and I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning. And I’ll tell you, when we finally find out the truth about this, Director Clapper and the rest of them are going to be wearing some orange suits.”

“I hope we get to the bottom of this a lot sooner than a lot of people are predicting because the American people deserve to know who was behind this, who authorized it and how high up the ladder it went,” Ingraham responded.