Chilling Animation Shows Parkland Shooter's Movements During Massacre

A video created by investigators from the Broward Sheriff’s Office provides a chilling account of gunman Nikolas Cruz’s movements through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the approximately six minutes and 45 seconds he spent inside the building:


The animation shows Cruz — as a black dot with a line representing the AR-15 rifle he carried — methodically stalking through the building and shooting his victims — students are shown as green dots and school staff as blue dots. As bullets strike each person, the color of the dot that represents them changes to purple for the dead and yellow for the injured.

Broward County Sheriff’s deputies — who arrived on the scene within minutes of the first report of the shooting —  “took cover” behind cars and a tree, waiting for the SWAT team to arrive rather than rush into the building to neutralize the killer.

The animation was played on Tuesday during the first meeting of the state-appointed commission investigating “system failures” related to the Parkland school mass shooting.

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