'The Swamp' Features Conservative 'Troublemakers' Who Want to 'Shake Things Up'

A new documentary series by District Productions showcases the continuing frustrations of a group of fiscal conservatives in Washington, D.C., aka “The Swamp.”

“They didn’t run for Congress to serve other congressmen,” says the promo. “They’re uncensored, they’re tough, and they’re ready to shake things up… in The Swamp.”

Featured in Part One of the video series are Congressmen Ken Buck (R-Colo.), Rod Blum (R-Iowa), Tom Garrett Jr. (R-Va.), and Dave Brat (R-Va.).

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) will also make an appearance in upcoming episodes, according to Matt Whitworth, the creator of the series.

“The swamp is geographically Washington, D.C., but in a metaphysical sense, it’s just a place where values change,” explained Buck in the first episode.

The congressman had a sobering theory as to what is currently going on in our nation’s capital: “I think that we have a bipartisan bankruptcy going on,” Buck said. “I think both parties are engaged in a quiet deal that we will support our base and if it leads to bankruptcy, okay. And you will support your base and if it leads to bankruptcy, okay. Because both parties are more interested in supporting the special interest groups.”

Whitworth told PJ Media that there will be six to eight episodes in all following the congressmen and they are still in production.