Florida Woman Beaten in the Head with Baseball Bats in Brutal Road Rage Attack

A Florida woman was brutally beaten in the head with baseball bats by a pair of sisters last week in what some are calling a racially motivated attack.

The victim, Mikaela Barboza, admits to cutting one of the sisters off while heading to a meeting last Thursday, prompting the enraged driver and her sister to follow her to a parking lot and beat her with baseball bats.

The attack was caught on cell phone video by Barboza and a bystander. She suffered a broken nose, and gashes to her head that required seven staples in the back and seven stitches in the front.

“My nose is the worst of it,” she told the Miami Herald Sunday. “I can’t even breathe out of it.”

Barboza said the woman and her sister started screaming at her after she had cut one of them off: “You cut off my sister. That’s disrespectful.”

She pulled into a nearby parking lot and called the police, but the women followed, blocking her in. Barboza now regrets her next move. She stepped out of her car holding her cell phone to record the confrontation.

“I don’t got time for this. I got a kid, bruh,” Barboza hollered as a woman in a floral dress approached her wielding a baseball bat. (At this point, it would have been wise to get back into the car and lock the doors.)

“I got a kid too,” one of the women said, as a small boy watched from the front seat of her car. She then unleashed a profanity-laced, racial tirade: “I don’t give a f*ck. I’ll f*ck your ass up, f*cking cracker-ass bitch,” the menacing woman bellowed.

As a second woman approached her holding a bat, Barboza said, “I’m not scared,” but she should have been. Because the second woman immediately whacked her in the head with a metal baseball bat, sending her cell phone flying.

Video taken by an acquaintance takes up where Barboza’s video left off. “We were kind of wrestling and the other sister with the other bat came over and started beating me over the head,” Barboza told the Herald.

During the fight, the woman in the red sweatshirt can be heard shouting “don’t talk about black people,” but Barboza denied she said anything racist to the woman and pointed to the first video, which she said contains her entire conversation with the women before the attack started.

“Trying to make it about race … !” she can be heard bawling in the video.

The battered 26-year-old now wishes she would have stayed in the car until police arrived.

“If I knew she’d have a bat I would’ve hauled butt, but it was too late,” she said.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived too late to catch the attackers, but Barboza said she filed a police report while she was in the hospital.

“I’m pressing charges of course,” she said. “I want justice to be served. I want them off the street and in jail.”

Below is an edited version of the attack: