Blogger R.S. McCain Says Tech Giants are 'Deplatforming' Conservatives Every Day

Popular conservative blogger R.S. McCain of The Other McCain had a few thoughts to share after watching a Friday CPAC panel address the issue of the deplatforming of conservatives on social media. (The full panel can be viewed here.)

McCain, who had over 90,000 followers at the time, was banned from Twitter in 2016 for no apparent reason. More recently, McCain informed PJ Media, he has been banned from the online publishing platform Medium—again, for no apparent reason.

In addition to his own blog, McCain has written for The American Spectator and was an editor at the Washington Times. He is also the author of Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature.

McCain said media tech giants like Google, Twitter, and  Facebook have begun “deplatforming” conservatives and that “conservative dissent is being silenced every day.”

“YouTube accounts are being demonetized, people are being denied Google Adsense revenue,” McCain explained. “In many different ways, the left is now using its power within social media to deprive conservatives of what we think of as free speech.”

He made the same point that he made during the Q&A session of the CPAC panel, which is that students indoctrinated with left-wing biases in the nation’s colleges and universities are being imported into for-profit companies.

“They bring these biases with them into the company and this is how you end up with James Damore being fired at Google, sites being shadowbanned on Twitter, my own account R.S. McCain being banned from Twitter, people’s Facebook losing the opportunity to promote their content on Facebook,” McCain told PJ Media. “It’s happening every day, and like they said at the panel, people need to wake up.”

McCain said that parents need to be more aware of what’s going on and actively push back against what he called “the ideological indoctrination” going on in schools and the media.