Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton: 'The FBI's Turned into a KGB-Type Operation'

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton argued on Fox News Wednesday evening that the FBI has been turned into a KBG-type operation that might need to be shut down.

Fitton was was on Fox News @Night with Shannon Bream to discuss one of the latest troubling revelations to come out of the Department of Justice amid Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s influence in the 2016 U.S. election.

According to Fox News, “Glenn Simpson, co-founder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, acknowledged in a court document that his company hired the wife of a Justice Department official to help investigate then-candidate Donald Trump last year.”

Her husband, Bruce Ohr, was demoted at the DOJ last week for concealing his meetings with the same company, which commissioned the anti-Trump “dossier” containing salacious allegations about the now-president.

Together, the Fusion connections for Mr. and Mrs. Ohr have raised Republican concerns about objectivity at the Justice Department, and even spurred a call from Trump’s outside counsel for a separate special prosecutor.

“That seemed even by DC standards — where a lot of us have spouses who work in different agencies and sometimes we are overlapping in our interests — that seems a little too close for comfort for just about everybody,” Bream said.

“Look — Fusion GPS was a Hillary Clinton Campaign vendor,” Fitton replied. He argued that the DOJ “was working hand and glove” with the shady oppo research firm and perhaps paying them money while a DOJ official’s wife was working with them. “The suspicion is they were paying them money,” he said.

“There was no distinction between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice and the FBI and the goal was unified — which was to get Donald Trump,” he added.

“And the text messages that have come out show that they had some kind of insurance policy in case Mr. Trump won the presidency?!” Fitton exclaimed.  “This is our FBI! Forget about the FBI investigations into Clinton and Trump being compromised by these conflicts. I think the FBI’s been compromised. Forget about shutting down Mr. Mueller — do we need to shut down the FBI because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?” he asked.

“The FBI can not be trusted to investigate high-level government corruption at this time,” Fitton argued when Bream gently admonished him for making such a radical statement. “Right now,” he continued,  “you see Mr. Rosenstein being blase about the corruption that’s going on on his watch. He says ‘we’ll get to it when the IG report comes out.’ In the meantime, Mueller’s operation, which has been compromised, has been indicting and prosecuting people! They need protection! And I’m tired of the blase attitude of this Justice Department and FBI towards the outrageous corruption that’s been recovered,” Fitton complained.