Off-Duty Cop in Brazil Opens Fire on Suspects While Holding Baby

A police officer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, may qualify for Officer of the Year after his heroic actions thwarted an armed robbery, but he may not qualify for Father of the Year.

Off-duty officer Sgt. Rafael Souza managed to shoot and kill two armed suspects with his pistol – all while holding his infant son under his arm.

Souza was shopping in a pharmacy in Campo Limpo Paulista with his wife and child on Saturday when two hooded armed robbers burst into the store.

According to reports, one of the suspects pointed his gun at Sgt. Souza—which turned out to be a big mistake. Souza identified himself as a police officer and then all hell broke loose.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Souza firing his pistol at one of the suspects with the baby tucked under his arm.

He shot one of the assailants and then went after the second one. (The man in the white shirt appeared to be a bystander.)

Souza’s wife, crouching behind a store display, reached out for the baby and Souza then handed him over.

The officer later explained that the suspects intended to shoot him so he reacted accordingly.

Both suspects were pronounced dead at the scene.