Former Mississippi Mayor Paddles Armed Burglary Suspect in His Garage

Do not mess with former Jackson, Miss., Mayor Tony Yarber. For one thing, the 39-year-old is a former teacher and principal, as well as a former football player, a black belt in ninjutsu, and a former mixed martial arts fighter. He’s currently the pastor of Relevant Empowerment Church — and he has a zero-tolerance policy towards lawbreakers. 

When Yarber saw a hoodlum breaking into his truck Sunday morning, he took matters into his own hands.

The two fought outside of the truck in the driveway and ended up in the garage, where Yarber easily got the better of the suspect. Yarber told Fox News that he figured the suspect, 22-year-old Juwan Bibbs, would be released after only a day in jail, so he should “put the paddle on him.”

Yarber sent his daughter to fetch his paddle and had his son record a video of what ensued when she returned with it.

“When you break into people’s stuff, it’s because somebody ain’t whupped your tail!” Yarber hollered, smacking Bibbs on the behind as he writhed on the garage floor.

Police found a handgun at the scene that is believed to belong to Bibbs. He was charged with auto burglary and possession of marijuana.

The first police officer who arrived at Yarber’s house Sunday morning reportedly looked at Bibbs and said, “Wrong house, homeboy.”