WATCH: NY Legislator Has Epic Meltdown Over Speeding Ticket

Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a New York county legislator, is probably wishing that she’d handled her recent encounter with police better now that it has gone public.

At first, she did everything she could to get out of the speeding ticket, arguing she was going the same speed as everyone else and was flat broke. “It’s really hard for me!” she wailed.

Then, Berky flipped out — sobbing, screaming, hyperventilating and claiming repeatedly to have PTSD.

“I always do everything right and I always follow the law!” Berky cried.

When she saw that her histrionics weren’t having the desired effect, she changed course.

“I don’t feel safe anymore,” she said. “I don’t feel safe here. I don’t feel safe around you!”

Watch the video below.

The officer wasn’t impressed. He was going to ticket her for not wearing a seatbelt but changed his mind and went with the original offense — driving 13 miles over the speed limit.

Berky, a Democrat, is running for reelection in the Ulster County Legislature.

Conservative actor James Woods summed things up very well with this tweet: