Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Trying to Get Hearing on Russia, Manafort and the Clintons

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has been trying unsuccessfully to get a hearing on Russia, Manafort and the Clintons for months because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a major conflict of interest in his Russia probe that casts into doubt his ability to conduct the investigation fairly. He vented his frustration on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday evening.

Manafort is alleged to have laundered $18 million of the $75 million that flowed through his offshore accounts. Rohrabacher pointed out that this is chump change compared to the Clintons’ money grubbing.

“What about Hillary, who got 150 million dollars for the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton, who got 500 thousand dollars in his pocket by these very same Russian oligarchs?” the congressman asked, referring to the massive kickbacks the Clintons allegedly received while the Uranium One deal was being negotiated.

“And guess who was supposed to investigate that?” he added. “Mr. Mueller himself! He was the director of the FBI!”

Rohrabacher told Carlson about the FBI informer who had been part of an FBI probe of the corruption surrounding the deal and who was placed on a gag order. “Mueller kept him under a gag order all this time, although no charges were ever filed against the Clintons,” Rohrabacher complained.

He noted that Congress was finally able to get the gag order lifted a few days ago, clearing the way for the individual to tell Congress what he knows about the Russian nuclear industry’s attempts to influence policy during the Obama administration.

The congressman added that you never hear about the emails “that were hijacked by the Russians from the DNC because now we know that the Russians didn’t do it. And so they’ve dropped that! Now they’ve got Paul Manafort on something he did way before the election.”

Rohrabacher traveled to London back in August to visit Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, at the Ecuadorian embassy. He said in an interview with One America News last month that the WikiLeaks founder had “absolute proof of who gave him those emails” —  and it wasn’t the Russians.

“The American people need to understand that their attention’s being diverted from the wrongdoing of the Clintons and this power grab of trying to prevent President Trump from assuming the powers that he received from the voters in the last election by disrupting that with these phony charges of collusion with the Russians!” Rohrabacher concluded.