Hannity: 'Uranium One Will Be One of the Biggest Scandals This Country Has Ever Seen'

In his opening monologue on Tuesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said that those looking for a real collusion scandal may finally be in luck.

“There are brand new FBI documents that show the Russian nuclear industry officials kicked back millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,” Hannity said.  “All while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State and helped approve the Uranium One deal, which gave Moscow, Russia, Vladimir Putin control of 20% of American uranium, the foundational materials for  nuclear weapons.”

Hannity said that “the FBI now has evidence that literally they used bribery to gain control over America’s uranium industry — all why the Obama administration did nothing and the Clintons benefited to the tune of nearly 145 million dollars.”

He added, “Uranium One will be one of the biggest scandals this country has ever seen.”

Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller should “stop wasting time” with Trump and turn their attention to the Uranium One deal, Hannity suggested.

Hannity had on the investigative reporters who broke the Uranium One story, The Hill’s John Solomon and Circa News’ Sara Carter, to discuss the explosive scandal.

Carter said that the FBI investigated the Russian nuclear industry and the agencies knew that there was corruption back in 2009. “They knew that there were kickbacks. They knew that there were bribes,” she said. “And they knew how dangerous this was to national security.” Carter said that regardless, CFIUS, the 13-member governing board that reviews transactions, approved the deal.

“You said in your opening monologue that that Democrats are concerned that Russia tampered with our election results in 2016,” said Solomon to Hannity. “Well six years before that, they tampered with our nuclear security.”

Solomon predicted that Chuck Grassley will have some interesting questions for Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he comes before the judiciary committee on Wednesday morning.