Raw Video: Panicked and Horrified Concertgoers Escape Las Vegas Massacre in a Taxi

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, in Las Vegas. (Al Powers/Invsion/AP)

A taxi driver’s iPhone video of the scene outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Sunday night provides an intimate glimpse of the horrifying ordeal as it was unfolding.

“Where are the cops at?” the confused driver wondered out loud as she drove through the area of thee Mandalay Bay resort Sunday night. She could hear rapid gunfire around the hotel, but otherwise, everything seemed normal as she drove around the block looking for people to pick up.

Finally, about eight minutes in, she drove by the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where terrified people were scrambling over the fence into the street. Several desperate and traumatized concertgoers ran toward her cab and piled inside, clamoring all at once.

“Anywhere, anywhere!” a woman panted.

“Is somebody out there?” the cabbie asked incredulously.

“Active shooter!” the panicked woman answered. “Lots of people dead! Lots of people dead! Go-go-go!”

As scores of people ran down the street in front of them, the cabbie said, “Oh, there is an active shooter!”

“So many people are dead!” the horrified woman exclaimed.

“Are you kidding me?!” the stunned cabbie asked.

The petrified group started yelling all at once, “Go-go-go!!!”

“Thousands of people dead!” another woman screamed. “Please just go! Everybody’s dead!”

As the taxi driver was driving away from the scene, the woman continued, “Thousands of people are dead! Everybody’s bloody!”

“You’re kidding!” the driver said again.

The passengers started talking all at once about what they had just experienced.

“It was a bloodbath,” the woman gasped. “There’s gonna be hundreds and hundreds of people dead!”

“Oh my God!” the taxi driver exclaimed.

“I’m freaking the f*ck out,” a woman cried. “I’ve never prayed so hard in my life!”

“I’ve never seen so many f*cking dead people on the ground!” a man exclaimed.

“Everybody’s dead! There’s dead people everywhere!” the woman cried.

The cab driver asked them where they wanted to go and they answered, “Any hotel!”

At this point, some of them were on their phones with loved ones.

“Mom?” a woman could be heard saying. “Hey, mom, there was a mass shooting at this event that we were at [inaudible] … Justin and I are okay.”

“I’m so scared! There was a mass shooting!” she said on the phone. “There were dead bodies everywhere!” The woman sobbed: “There were so many dead people! I don’t know how I survived!”

Watch the video below.