James Comey Heckled and Jeered at Howard University

Former FBI director James Comey did not receive a warm welcome at Howard University, Friday, where he was attempting to deliver a convocation address. Comey recently joined the faculty at the historically black university as a lecturer.

Noisy protesters heckled the former G-man, drowning him out at times, and forcing long, awkward delays in his remarks.

“Get out James Comey! You’re not our homie!” a group of about 20 protesters chanted.

The protest started as soon as the former FBI director took the podium at the historically black college in Washington, D.C.

Protesters raised their right fists in the air and chanted, “We shall not be moved.” They also said, “F— James Comey” and “No justice, no peace.”

Comey was unable to speak at first due to the disruption. After several minutes, Comey tried to begin. “I hope you’ll stay and listen to what I have to say. … I listened to you for five minutes,” he said, before pausing again.

After several more minutes of protests, Comey launched into his prepared speech – which, ironically, was about how the rest of the world is often “too noisy” to take time to reflect, whereas Howard University represents an “island.”

At one point, university professor Bernard Richardson tried to shame the protesters, saying, “That’s not the Howard University way.” But it apparently was “the Howard University way” — at least on Friday.

Comey ended his remarks to the crowd by saying: “Welcome to Howard. I’m honored to be here with you, and I look forward to adult conversation about what is right and what is true.’’

The majority of the audience seemed to approve, and gave him a standing ovation.

Here is the entire speech: