Dershowitz: Plame Story Is 'Much, Much Worse than the Media Has Presented It'

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed the media this morning for playing down the Valerie Plame anti-Semitic tweet story after her disingenuous apology.


The former CIA operative came under intense fire yesterday on Twitter after she tweeted an anti-Semitic article that blames “America’s Jews” for all of our wars. After the backlash, it was said that she had only skimmed the Unz Review article and somehow had missed the blatant anti-Semitism.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends Friday, the professor said that this story is “much, much worse than the media has presented it.” He added that the author of the article, Philip Giraldi, is a “well-known anti-Semite.”

“In this article, he says that Jews like me or Bill Kristol, when we appear on television, should have on the bottom of the screen identification saying we’re Jews,” Dershowitz pointed out. “And he says it’s ‘like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison. Ingest at your own peril.'”

“All you have to do is read the first couple of paragraphs: Jews control the media, Jews control politics,” he exclaimed. “This is just like what was written in Nazi Germany!” He added that “she can’t now say, ‘I didn’t know what was in it.'”


Dershowitz noted that in 2014, Plame tweeted another article by Giraldi and he argued that her retweets expose “her real set of beliefs.”

“The interesting thing about Twitter, is you do it so quickly, it often reflects your real, genuine beliefs. Then you realize what you’ve said and you say, ‘Uh, oh. I’m sorry,'” he explained. “This guy, Giraldi’s articles are constantly put on neo-Nazi websites!”

“Who would imagine that a former CIA operative would retweet that and, I believe, endorse it?” Dershowitz said incredulously.


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