Clay Travis Flames ESPN on Fox News: 'They've Got an Agenda'

Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis mercilessly savaged ESPN during a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday night, with “recently laid off by ESPN” reporter Britt McHenry.

The network has been on the defensive since it reassigned broadcaster Robert Lee from a Virginia football game out of concern that he shares his name with Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Travis, a longtime ESPN critic, broke the story on Fox Sports, escalating his public feud with ESPN president John Skipper.

Asked about ESPN’s contention that the reassignment of Lee had “nothing to do with political correctness and nothing to do with race,” Travis said, “It’s a lie. I mean ESPN lies a lot.”

He continued, “Tucker, you know this having covered politics for a long time. When you put out an initial statement, and then you have to follow it with another statement, and then you have to follow it with a third statement — what you’re realizing is that everyone is calling you on your B.S., and you’re continuing to follow it with more B.S.

He explained that that is why people are abandoning the network in droves. “Because they’re not trustworthy,” he said. Travis has taken to calling the network “MSESPN” because of their obvious leftward slant.

Travis said “a multi-day mushroom cloud” ESPN created with their ridiculous PC move was a boon for him. He said they have “made me look like a genius for calling them MSESPN and tying this all in to whether it’s Michael Sam being gay and he’s a hero, or Colin Kaepernick taking a knee and he’s a modern-day Rosa Parks or whether — God forbid — Caitlyn Jenner decides she wants to be a girl and gets the heroic award from ESPN for the entire year. Fans are reasonable and they connect all these things,” Travis said. “They’ve got an agenda at play and their agenda is very left wing.”

In response to the backlash, Skipper sent an internal memo to ESPN employees, which Carlson called mean and dishonest.

In the memo, Skipper took a shot at Travis who has a long history of taking shots at the sports media giant. Skipper said that he was “disappointed that the good intentions of our Charlotte colleagues have been hijacked by someone with a personal agenda,” making a reference to Travis.

“How mean is it to this guy Robert Lee in the end? They’re not protecting him — they exposed him to ridicule!” Tucker exclaimed. “They made him famous in the worst way and they prevented him from calling a game because of his name. It’s cruel!”

Travis wanted to have the last word because John Skipper “took a shot” at him.  “I mean look at this story!” he exclaimed. “Every reasonable person can see an Asian guy who’s alive today and realize it’s not a dead Confederate general from 1870,” Travis pointed out. “This is the problem with ESPN and their leadership. They talk to us like we’re a bunch of idiots and imbeciles and sell crap and expect us to see it and think, ‘Oh my God, how lucky we are that ESPN is treating us this way.'”

Travis tweeted out a message to (MS)ESPN President John Skipper after his Fox News segment: